The PRECISE-DAPT Score was developed to predict the risk of bleeding in patients treated with dual antiplatelet therapy (i.e. aspirin plus a P2Y12 inhibitor). The Score was developed from a collaborative dataset including data from 8 randomized clinical trials. Bleeding events were defined according to the Thrombosis in myocardial infarction (TIMI) bleeding definition. 

The PRECISE-DAPT Score and all related materials are for exclusive use of health care professionals and is intended as a supportive risk assessment tool which should never replace clinical judgment, physician–patient relationship or medical advice. 

Treatment risks and benefits should always be considered in the context of a comprehensive professional clinical assessment, taking into account all available data and treatment options. Physicians and other healthcare providers should always exercise their own clinical judgment for any given situation.

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This risk scoring tool is intended for use by clinicians, in conjunction with individual patient assessment.
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