The PRECISE-DAPT Risk Calculator was developed to predict the risk of bleeding in individual patients with coronary artery disease, treated coronary stenting and subsequent dual antiplatelet therapy (i.e. aspirin plus a P2Y12 receptor inhibitor). The score has been developed from a collaborative dataset including 14,963 patients from 8 randomized clinical trials, enrolled in more than 130 clinical sites and 12 countries worldwide. The PRECISE-DAPT Risk Score has been externally validated in two independent datasets. Data analysis, derivation and validation of the PRECISE-DAPT score were performed at the Erasmus Medical Center public health department (Rotterdam, The Netherlands). Statistical support and data for validation were provided by the Uppsala Clinical Research Center (Uppsala, Sweden) and the Department of Clinical Research, Clinical Trials Unit, University of Bern (Bern, Switzerland). No external funding were used for this analysis. 

Executive Committee: Marco Valgimigli, Switzerland - Francesco Costa, Italy. 

Scientific Advisory Committee: David Van Klaveren, Netherlands – Ewout Steyerberg, Netherlands. 

Co-authors: Stefan James, Sweden - Dik Heg, Switzerland - Lorenz Räber, Switzerland - Fausto Feres, Brazil - Thomas Pilgrim, Switzerland - Myeong-Ki Hong, South Korea - Hyo-Soo Kim, South Korea - Antonio Colombo, Italy - Philippe Gabriel Steg, France - Thomas Zanchin, Switzerland - Tullio Palmerini, Italy - Lars Wallentin, Sweden, Deepak L. Bhatt, United States of America - Gregg W. Stone, United States of America - Stephan Windecker Switzerland

Marco Valgimigli was born on March 6th 1972 in Forlì, Italy. He obtained his medical degree in 1997 with Summa cum Laude at the University of Bologna, Italy. Marco Valgimigli is full-professor of cardiology at the University of Bern and interventional cardiologist at the Inselspital University Hospital in Bern, Switzerland.

Francesco Costa was born on March 29th 1987 in Messina, Italy. He obtained his medical degree in 2011 with Summa cum Laude at the University of Messina, Italy. Francesco Costa is fellow in interventional cardiology and PhD candidate at the University of Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

David van Klaveren was Born on July 31 1973 in Middelburg, The Netherlands. In 1997 he obtained his Master degree Technical Mathematics at Delft University of Technology. He obtained a cum laude PhD degree at Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam in 2017. Since 2015, he is a visiting scholar at the Predictive Analytics and Comparative Effectiveness Center of Tufts Medical Center in Boston. David van Klaveren currently holds an Assistant Professor position at the Medical Statistics department of Leiden University Medical Center.

Ewout Steyerberg was born on July 26 1967 in Delft, The Netherlands. In 1991 he obtained his Master degree Biomedical Sciences at Leiden University. In 1996 he obtained a PhD degree at Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam. Ewout Steyerberg is currently Professor of Clinical Biostatistics and Medical Decision Making and is heading the Medical Statistics and Bioinformatics department of Leiden University Medical Center. He is also Honorary Professor of Medical Decision Making at Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam.